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Friday November 17, 2017
iPhone X: Breaking Old Habits To Embrace the Future
The future of the smartphone, as Apple calls the iPhone X, means breaking old habits. With no more home button, this means replacing presses with swipes and fingerprint ID with facial recognition.

Report: Apple Offered FBI Help with Texas Shooter's iPhone
As the FBI struggled to access the Texas church shooter's iPhone, the FBI did not ask Apple for assistance in the first 48 hours after the shooting -- critical timing, as Touch ID sensors could have been used.

Report: Apple Cooking Up an Augmented Reality Headset
With the iPhone X released into the wild, the potentially trillion-dollar question now surrounding tech giant Apple is: What's next? One report hints at an augmented reality headset by 2020.

iPhone X: Priciest Apple Phone Is Also Easiest To Break
Warranty provider and habitual drop-tester SquareTrade says Apple's top-end iPhone X smartphone is the "most breakable, highest priced, most-expensive-to-repair iPhone ever."

Report: Apple Revamped Overseas Ops To Find New Tax Havens
A new investigation says Apple revamped its overseas subsidiaries to take advantage of tax loopholes on the European island of Jersey after a crackdown on Ireland's loose rules began in 2013.

Bug Stops Some iPhone Uses from Typing 'I'
A bizarre text error has left some iPhone users unable to type the word "I." When they attempt to use the first-person pronoun, it gets replaced by the letter A and an unprintable unicode character.

Can Apple Live Up to the Hype for the iPhone X?
The iPhone X's lush screen, facial-recognition skills and $1,000 price tag are breaking new ground for Apple. Now, the much-anticipated device is testing the patience of consumers and investors.

Arriving Today, Apple's iPhone X Earns Solid Reviews
Despite months of speculation that Apple might stumble with this year's new phones, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sales are strong, and buyers around the world are lining up in droves for the iPhone X.

Qualcomm: Apple Shared Chip Code with Intel
Wireless giant Qualcomm has filed a new lawsuit accusing Apple of handing over confidential software code for controlling cellular modems to Intel -- Qualcomm's arch rival in smartphone chips.


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